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Christ — to know Him and make Him known.

Downloads > Bible Memory -- free for anyone to use for themselves

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    This is a quick half-sheet of the year's schedule, by week.
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    This has guidelines for how to check yourself on your Bible memory progress, with a one-week and five-week sign off for each week's passage.
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    3--NKJV Memory Cards

    Print these cards on paper or card stock. Each card is 2" by 4". Here's a "best practice" for cutting: (1) Cut off the top 1/2 inch; (2) Cut off each row in 2-inch increments; (3) When you get to the last row, flip it on the paper cutter and cut off the remaining 1/2 inch margin; (4) Rotate 90 degrees and cut at the 4.5-inch mark. The amount your paper cutter can handle will vary.