Pastor Bob Sauser

Literally born and raised in a parsonage (both Bob and Judi’s parents pastored churches in the mid-west and north-east), Bob graduated from Baptist Bible Seminary; I have been a pastor for all my adult life in the states of Michigan, Iowa, Pennsylvania, upstate New York and now Nebraska; an interim pastor to churches in Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri,  member of several Christian boards and councils, a husband to Judi, whom I met while in college, a father of two great kids and a dear foster daughter, grandfather to nine energetic grandkids and a great grandfather to six busy great grandkids. I readily attest to the fact that only by God’s call, grace and answered prayer has anything of value been accomplished in these past years of ministry.

Judi is a faithful pastor’s wife, who teaches Bible studies for ladies and serves as counselor to women who need direction from God’s Word.

We have found relaxation in travel, motorcycling, walking, woodworking and enjoy the opportunity of meeting and spending time with friends.

Though often challenging, it is joy to follow and serve Jesus Christ. To God be the glory. Pastor Bob Sauser from Creston Iowa responded to the call from Good Shepherd Baptist Church